About Andrea

My name is Andrea and I am a student at Seattle Pacific University. I am working toward my certification in Elementary Education through the ARC/MAT program.

I used to work in “informal science education.” In essence, I would teach the same material to new people every day. I realized that my favorite experiences were when my “regulars” would come back to learn something new. In becoming a teacher, I will have a classroom full of regulars and I would constantly get to teach new material.

I spent the first half of my year in a 4th grade classroom in a public elementary school. Having never gone to public school, it was a very valuable experience to see such diversity in the learning and behavioral needs of my students. I then spent the second half of the school year in a 2nd grade classroom in a Catholic school and am very lucky to have had a supportive mentor who was working towards her own Master’s degree in Special Education. For the 2014-2015 school year, I will be teaching first grade in another Catholic school.

In addition to education, my passions include football, family, food, and my pets (Gideon the snake, Abraham the Beardie, and Odin the Pug/Beagle).


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