Monthly Archives: June, 2013

Me as a Teacher

In the beginning, I envision learning a great deal of information in a short amount of time. Coming from a background unlike many others in my cohort, I feel slightly behind. Many of my classmates have spent time in a classroom recently, whether tutoring or assistant teaching. The last time I was in an elementary school classroom, I was attending the elementary school. The learning curve will be steep, but I am excited to progress my skills and learn something new. I will spend five weeks learning the basics, then spend a whole school year in a classroom with an experienced teacher while continuing courses. I learn best by observing others, so this will likely be the time of the most professional growth for me. Even after the program, my passion for learning new things – something my dad instilled in me – will keep me moving forward and trying to better myself in an ever-evolving field.

Although I do have this slight handicap of not working in schools, I have taught in a way some teachers find difficult. I have spent the last five years working in informal science education, so I know a lot about presenting difficult concepts to children with varying understanding of the idea. I also have a background in science, which is not all too common in elementary school teachers. Even though I am passionate about a wide range of topics, science became a highlight for me in high school. I hope having a scientist as a teacher for at least one year of elementary school will give the kids I teach a better respect for and understanding of the importance of math and science.